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Participating Regions: US / Canada / Europe

Blue 2014 - Mics of Summer

There has never been a better time to save on Blue Microphones.

Mics of Summer offers three ways for you to bring professional sound to your recording environment. Visit a particating dealer today to get the perfect vocal, overhead, or instrument microphone and save up to $599!

Offer valid
June 1 - July 31

Buy a Bottle Rocket Stage one, Get a free B6 capsule

Save $599

Buy a Bottle Rocket Stage One
Get a free B6 Capsule

Bottle Rocket Stage 1

Class A discrete solid state mic with interchangeable capsule system. Includes B8 capsule, for amazing, full frequency recordings.

B6 Capsule

“Larger than life” sound — enhanced lows and high frequency presence.

Save $499

Buy a Dragonfly
Get the second half-off


Silky extended top-end while gently accentuating the lower frequencies that thicken thin signal sources like female vocals, acoustic guitar, drum overheads, and sax.

Buy a Bottle Rocket Stage one, Get a free B6 capsule
Save on a Baby Bottle, Bluebird or Spark

Save $60* on a Baby Bottle

Save $45* on a Bluebird

Save $30* on a Spark

*Mail-in rebate required. (Download)

Baby Bottle

Classic-sounding rich and present midrange with a smooth top-end and neutral bottom-end.


Modern, clear and crisp sound with rich low-end and endless applications.


Superbly detailed and uncolored all-around performer.