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The all-new Mikey Digital is the perfect tool for mobile recording. Featuring two custom-tuned Blue capsules for stereo recording, a line-input, USB pass through and a stylish updated 230-degree rotating design, Mikey's three gain settings allow for a versatile recording experience for everything from a loud concert to a whisper. Record music, videos, interviews, guitars and more. Mikey also comes with its own soft carrying pouch for convenient storage and protection while on the go. Mikey turns your iPhone into the coolest mobile recording device around!

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  • Superior quality audio recording
  • Made for iPod touch (4th gen)*, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPad 3rd gen, iPad 2 and iPad
  • Works with most popular recording apps
  • Input jack for guitars, mics, and any device with line-out
  • Automatic or manual gain control
  • Advanced processor for future app compatibility
  • Built-in USB charging port

*iPod touch (4th gen) requires iOS 6.

To fully benefit from the quality Mikey Digital offers, we recommend using a high-quality recording app like one of those listed below, since Apple's built-in Voice Memos app records in mono at a lower bit rate.


Here's a list of some of the most popular recording apps in the app store. If you have a favorite recording app for iPhone or iPad, please let us know on Facebook or Twitter.



Acoustic Guitar



How is MIKEY Digital used by the iPad, iPhone or iPod?

The iOS device recognizes MIKEY Digital as a microphone and will use it for any application using a microphone EXCEPT the phone and Facetime functions. Video recording and outside apps will use MIKEY Digital.

How does MIKEY Digital compare to the other audio recording accessories on the market?

MIKEY Digital is the only accessory that has both a built-in microphone and 1/8 inch (3.5mm) line-in jack. It also has very high quality microphone capsules and Blue's decades of microphone design experience, resulting in the best recording quality.

Is it possible to record with the microphone and line-in at the same time?


How does MIKEY Digital compare to my built-in microphone?

There are numerous advantages--

  • can record in stereo, whereas others can only record in mono
  • higher fidelity, sound quality-- the analog mics rely on the built-in A-D converter and circuitry, whereas MIKEY Digital uses Blue's discreet preamplifier, processing, and A-D conversion
  • higher SPL handling (built-ins and cheap mics can only go to ~100dB, MIKEY digital can go to ~130dB)
  • automatic gain-- MIKEY Digital can adjust to a wide range of recording situations, built-ins have no flexibility
  • adjustability-- built-ins and simple plug-in mics don't have electronics or sophistication so there's no control over the mic or input
  • flexibility-- MIKEY Digital can record directly or take a wide range of inputs

How does the automatic gain control/versatile input work? Those usually don't sound good...

Blue utilized a powerful processor which constantly analyzes the sound and tracks the change in sound volume over a long periods of time, so it is able to make better decisions around when to change the sensitivity. Similarly, the processor tracks the versatile input to analyze the load and voltage level of what is plugged into it, and adjusts accordingly to the best sound quality.

Is the line-in on MIKEY Digital stereo?

Yes. Stereo, if mono signal is present it will dupe the mono signal to both stereo channels.

Mikey...they likey


“Recording a full—and loud—rock band with the Mikey and an iPad 2 running GarageBand sounded remarkably clear and balanced. The mic’s auto mode did a good job of keeping the clipping to a minimum, and quickly adjusted when a section suddenly jumped in volume.” Go
“If you’re recording classes, filming video, or even creating podcasts on the go, Blue Microphones’ Mikey Digital is going to enhance the experience and create better results, but that’s kind of what Blue products are known for…What matters most here, however, is the audio, and the Mikey Digital does get much better than your iDevice can on its own.” Go
"Long gone is the need for a massive recording set-up in order to record a podcast or demo, Blue's Yeti, Yeti Pro or Spark Digital will do those jobs with aplomb…the Blue Microphones Mikey Digital for iPhone and iPad can give you excellent recording quality, yet attach to something you may already carry around." Go
“…it's the world's only mobile mic with both a 30-pin Apple connector and a multi-source auxiliary input, so you can plug your guitar (or any device with a line out) right into it.” Go
“…it should be of interest to a wide range of iOS users – from musicians to students to videographers – who want to add a bit more usability and flexibility to their already powerful devices.” Go
“Given the size of the Blue Mikey Digital it offers a nice set of specs. The audio quality of an iOS device is improved vastly with this mic attached. We found it particularly great for recording the spoken word, so interviewers and students looking to record lectures will find it invaluable.” Go
“Blue Mics really hit the ball out of the park with the Mikey Digital…The important thing to remember with the Mikey Digital is that it is meant for portable recording, and for that purpose I think it does the job better than any portable mic I've tried so far.” Go
“...even speech next to a busy road was clear.” Go
“…it’s a great option for on the go recording, whether you want to capture random audio from your experiences in the world, or are a podcaster recording interviews.” Go
“Mikey Digital is noticeably better than the built-in mikes in my iPod touch 4G and iPad 3. It has a much wider response, especially on the low end, as well as audibly superior signal to noise ratios…Mikey recordings, even in mono, were more spacious and open than their iDevice-mike counterparts, which sounded like tinny telephone transmissions by comparison.” Go
“I'm already a big fan of the Blue Microphone product line, with a Tiki in my computer bag at all times, a Yeti Pro for webinars and a Snowflake for when I'm on the road. With the new Mikey Digital I have to say ‘they've done it again’. If you're working with audio, it really is a must-have device and I strongly recommend it.” Go
“In short, if you’re looking for a stereo microphone specifically for high-quality voice or event recording, and you’re willing to pick a good app and tweak the unit’s manual gain settings for optimal performance, you’ll find that Mikey Digital can create decidedly superior results to a bare current-generation iOS device.” Go

Now you can see which MIKEY best suits your recording device.