The unique versatility of Los Angeles based Producer/Mixer/Remixer/Engineer/Film Composer Lars Stalfors is evident with a solid discography, including recording and mixing the Mars Volta, producing & mixing Matt & Kim and the Funeral Party, and working with Marnie Sterns, Surfer Blood, and the Fearless Vampire Killers, among others. The variety of these projects combined with his multi-instrumentalist background which is consistently evolving through his sound manipulation position with the Mars Volta and as one of the keyboardist for both The Mars Volta and the Omar Rodriguez- Lopez Group, highlight Lars as an established talent.  Emphasizing a technologically based approach to music, Lars' interest in recording began with building computers at age 13 before combining this computer science knowledge with a passion for music. Growing up, Lars played drums for multiple bands and later went to school for music theory. By the age of 19 he was producing bands full-time. All of these elements contributed to and strengthened Lars’s talent as Producer/Mixer/Remixer/Composer/Engineer.