Kevin visited Blue Microphones’ headquarters and Studio in September of last year. After hearing his vocals on Blue’s Kiwi Mic, Kevin was motivated to re-record several tracks on his album “In The City”. In fact, Kevin and his producing partner/manager Joshua Berkman received a call from Rick Ross about a week after their visit to Blue. Rick was in Virginia Beach for the night and had committed to dropping vocals on Kevin’s album. That same night, Kevin and Josh drove out to meet up with Rick and it was in a hotel room using Blue’s Kiwi and M Box that Rick dropped the vocals on Kevin’s 2nd single “Welcome to the World”. Kevin currently uses Blue’s flagship mic, the Bottle and the Kiwi, for Guitar and Vocals.

Kevin Rudolf came by the Blue Studio in January to talk about his experience with Blue Mic’s Kiwi. Check out his interview with Blue Microphones’ Founder/President, Skipper Wise.

Rudolf says:

“The Kiwi allowed me to catch enough personality in the lead vocal where it just came through more.”

“There was so much more presence in the Kiwi”