Born in Elva, Estonia, a tiny, then-Soviet occupied town of 5,000 people in the forest, Kerli grew up with a dream to escape from her surroundings.

"I'm a passionate person," declares the blonde-haired beauty, who once drew a picture in a diary when she was 13 that depicted her going to America. "Where I come from, it was a shame to show your emotions. You could never be too happy, because something bad might happen. I wanted to live every moment. I looked around me, and it was beautiful, but I wanted something more."

Ignoring material comforts and new clothes for lessons in singing, ballet, acting and classical piano, at fourteen Kerli entered and won Euroalaul, an annual televised competition to select a song to represent Estonia in the Eurovision Song Contest. After the win, she decided to concentrate on singing.

"I haven't had a single dream that hasn't come true," says Kerli of her remarkable path, which led to her auditioning for Island Def Jam Chairman Antonio "L.A." Reid who signed her on the spot.

Her debut album “Love Is Dead” earned her a large worldwide fan base and led to major television appearances and radio presence both domestically and abroad. The success of this album culminated in her wining a 2010 EBBA (European Border Breaker Award) and sparked the interest of Alice in Wonderland director, Tim Burton. Burton later requested that Kerli work on the film by lending her vocals to the Almost Alice soundtrack in which she contributed two tracks Tea Party and Strange, a duet with Tokio Hotel.

“The moment you really let go, that's when something comes to you” says Kerli on her growing success and with her long awaited second album due this fall she is definitely ready to take it the next level, “The bigger the dream, the more time it takes to come true”.