Skipper Tip: Recording with Reactor

Blue Microphones founder, Skipper Wise, gives some advice on how to light up your recordings using Reactor! Whether you are recording electric guitar, drums, bass or more, be sure to experiment with these techniques, the results could surprise you…

Electric Guitar

For a crunchy, distorted-rhythm sound with a punchy bottom end, turn the Reactor’s capsule grill 90 degrees so that it is flush with the body of the microphone and place it as close to the amplifiers speaker as possible.



To capture a live room sound when recording drums, put Reactor in the back of the room, centered to the drums. Select the omni pattern, then enjoy a present and live sound.


Acoustic Bass Guitar

For a rich acoustic bass guitar sound, place the Reactor, in cardioid, about four inches in front of the sound hole. Move the microphone left or right to adjust the right tone for your tastes. Experiment with this one!


Live Ambient Sound

To add live show ambiance while recording an instrument, try using two Reactors. Put one close to the sound source in cardioid. Put the second Reactor six feet away from the source, place it in Figure 8, then slowly move the the mic closer and closer to the source and adjust for your tastes to achieve “room ambiance.” Mix between the two for a live ambient tone. As an option, try flipping the channel  out of phase for Reactor (in Figure 8). 

Multi-mic Setup: M/S Recording

For a wide, ambient, stereo sound try the M/S approach with two Reactors. Similar to the live ambient tip, put one Reactor close to the sound source in cardioid. Put the second Reactor six feet away (or adjusted to your taste) from the source, place it in Figure 8. Take this Reactor and mult (duplicate) the signal to two faders, flip one channel out of phase and pan them hard left and right. Take the cardioid Reactor in front of signal source and pan it center. Bring up the Figure 8 faders equally and then mix in the cardioid Reactor to suit your taste. Broaden your sound like you are recording in a major concert hall!

For more multi-mic setup tips, check out our full breakdown of X-Y recording, stereo pair, M/S and more here!


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