Spark Digital – voiceover sample (…with apologies to Dr. Seuss)

Oh the Places You'll Record

Spark Digital

There once was a place called a Studio, I’m told 

where you had to record to get records of gold.

Stuffed full of rack gear, cables and boards

the hourly rate was a sight to afford.


But that’s all disappearing, like the mythical Snark. 

Away! To the rescue comes Blue’s Digital Spark!


Studio sound in a cardioid condenser

is now in your hands anywhere that you venture.

With iPad, laptop, computer or tablet

Sparky D’s USB or 30-pin output can grab it!


At home! On the road! L.A. to Timbuktu

there’s really no end to what Spark Digital can do.

Vocals, guitars, even seven-stringed zillex,

whatever your sound — Drake, Gaga or Skrillex!

(even if you record in the hills of East Trillex)


Podcasts, voiceovers, narration’s a snap:

Sparky D and an iPad and your favorite app.

And setup is quick — it’s the easiest of mics —

whenever, wherever creativity strikes!


Volume and gain control, muting on cue

plus zero-latency headphone jack, too.

Custom shockmount included to knock rumbles out

and Focus Control for sound crispy or stout.


So whatever your muse or divine inspiration

Spark Digital can capture it in any location

Professional studio sound, redefined —

Spark Digital makes Studio a state of the mind.

Written and narrated by Blue Microphones Creative Director, Ken Niles

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