In-depth review: Mouse microphone for voiceover/broadcast

Quinn, head of tech review site Snazzy Labs, takes an in-depth look at the Mouse microphone in this video review. Don't just take our word on it's larger-than-life bottom end, check out this full review.



► “Every single video I’ve done in the past several months has had the Blue Mouse on it. And every time I do a video, someone asks me what is that amazing microphone you have and where can I get it.”

► “This thing has some serious low end. And that’s why radio announcers and radio junkies have taken to it in particular because of that really exaggerated, finite low end. It’s designed for speech, and Blue with all their microphones says ‘Look at all the neat things you can do with our microphone.”  And they do the same for the Blue Mouse, they mic this up on a bass drum and a couple of other instruments, but really what this is, in essence, is a speech microphone.”

► “Especially for male vocalist, because of this exaggerated low end, you get this really nice rich rumble from a male voice.”

► “The reason I love this microphone, and the reason people are going so crazy over it, is because of this sweet exaggerated low end.”

► “Unlike mics that drop off at around 70 hertz, the Blue Mouse really holds on.”

► “The ground noise is surprisingly minimal.”

► “Sometimes I don’t even have to mess with the sound because the sound is perfect right from the recording.”

► “This has a really tight cardioid pattern as well… the backwards rejection off the mic pretty much eliminates that type of interference.  Which is really great because if you are doing studio work, you do want that really narrow cardioid pattern, that tight pattern so that you can get yourself but not really anything surrounding you.

 “This is an amazing mic and I love it.”

► “You do need the hardware to back it up, you can’t expect to plug this into your computer and a thousand dollar sound.”

► “It’s not for everyone, it is for professionals who really do care about that exaggerated low end. But it is a fantastic microphone for vocals. It sounds absolutely brilliant.”

► “The rotating capsule is ingenious.”

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