Blue Microphones Wins 2012 American Package Design Awards

Recognized for exceptional creativity in package design, Blue Microphones wins two Graphic Design USA awards for Spark and Yeti Pro packaging


We are excited to announce that we have won two 2012 American Package Design Awards for Spark and Yeti Pro packaging, presented by Graphic Design USA magazine (GDUSA Winners – Blue Microphones)!  In receiving this award, Blue Microphones would like to recognize creative director, Ken Niles, creator and designer of all Blue Microphones product package designs!

With over 1,600 entries, Blue Microphones earned not one, but two of the 250 awards presented by Graphic Design USA. The winning packaging for both Spark and Yeti Pro microphones, like the mics themselves, bridges the gap between high-fidelity audio and user-friendly functionality.

Ken Niles, creative director at Blue Microphones, says:

“The Spark packaging draws upon the name Spark as inspiration for the design including a matchbook manual and aesthetics meant to ignite your creativity. The Yeti Pro packaging was designed to alleviate the fears of a microphone with professional features. By using a sleek design and humorous characters on the box, we were able to put the customer at ease, while simultaneously teaching them about the complexities of the mic.”

The American Package Design Awards is GDUSA’s fastest growing competition as packaging increasingly becomes a deciding factor in consumers’ purchasing decisions.The awards honor the best designs in packaging, p-o-p and print-related projects that are visually attractive and feature designs that advance the brand and forge an emotional connection with the consumer.

“The Blue style, creativity, and passion that you see embodied in both our product design and especially the visual concepts of Blue packaging are directly influenced by our creative czar, Ken Niles,” said John Maier, CEO of Blue Microphones. “Ken is the visionary behind the stylish nature of our graphic designs and he consistently infuses Blue’s character into our packaging. We are extremely honored to have his work recognized by GDUSA.”


*Congrats Ken*

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