Which to choose….Yeti or Yeti Pro?

First, we created Yeti, the ultimate USB mic, with three capsule, four polar patterns, gain control, zero latency direct monitoring, volume control and digital mute…oh my!

Then, we created Yeti Pro. Taking those features to the next level by adding 24bit/192 kHz digital recording resolution and XLR output.

And now you’re asking yourself, which one is for me? What are the differences?

Here is a comparison of the mics and what a few experts have said about this timeless question – Yeti or Yeti Pro?

Word on the street…

“If you are looking to have the best microphone you can for USB, Blue has taken their top-of-class Yeti and made it more responsive. If you are looking for the ability to go beyond USB and hook up your microphone to a professional sound board, the stereo XLR output will be worth it. If you need a microphone for recording podcasts, and you don’t need the XLR outputs, then you are probably better off saving a $100 and sticking with the Yeti.” –The Gadgeteer

The bottom line. The Yeti Pro takes an already great mic and turns it up a few notches. It’s an awesome addition to any recording studio for both digital and analog recordings.” Mac|Life

“Based on our previous tests, the Yeti was already what we considered the ideal desktop USB recording microphone for most users. But throw in the pro features mentioned above, and it becomes a true “pro” product. Is the Pro worth the $100 extra? That depends on how badly you need them…” – BeatWeek

“With the option to use a USB or XLR input however it is totally worth the extra cost.  I highly recommend the Yeti Pro if you are into podcasting. It has everything you need if you are just starting and allows room to grow when you decide to add a mixing board and other audio equipment.” GearDiary.com

“…the Yeti Pro is a solid upgrade for you if you…need the versatility of a true dual-system microphone, it’s unsurpassed…If you’re already a Yeti owner you might not need the upgrade. If you’re not, then it’s well worth a few bucks to see what having fewer limits will inspire you to do.”Appletell

“It is more expensive, however, and the differences will be most clear to musicians rather than, say, casual podcasters. Indeed, unless you’re already planning to wed it to studio gear for one reason or another, the XLR outputs (which require 48v phantom power from a pre-amp) will only sit there encouraging you to buy some so that you may.” BoingBoing

“I’d say that if you’re just chatting with your girlfriend on Skype, it’s not an expense that makes sense versus, say, a better camera, but if you seek a professional sound or are recording audio — voice or instrumental — that needs the best possible reproduction, then the Yeti Pro is a splendid choice and it’s ability to also interface with XLR audio equipment makes it a must-have for any digital roadie too.”Ask Dave Taylor

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